Rebuilding Democracy

Our politics is broken. Our democratic institutions have been captured by vested interests and those with the money and power to further their own ends. Services have been outsourced to private companies leaving communities without high quality, decently paid and accountable public services.

Inequality and Class

We are one of the richest countries in the world yet we still are one of the most unequal. Focussing particularly on working class communities that have been held back for decades, we explore how and why inequality is raging in the UK, and what we, as socialists, can do about it.

The North

We started No Holding Back with a focus on the North, with our pamphlet, Northern Discomfort.  The Pamphlet was in response to the reorientation of the Party in the 90s as a result of Giles Radice’s Southern Discomfort report. This was the catalyst for New Labour’s focus on middle class southern voters, at the expense of our core supporters in working class communities.