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Activists' Assembly: Budget 2021


Too often the Party reverts to its traditional top down command and control style. Many are frustrated with this. So, we launched an Activists’ Assembly to provide a space for the labour movement to make its views and priorities heard. This iteration focusses on the Budget. It shows that the movement wants bolder and more radical action on the economy and economic injustice.

Read the report here: NHB Activists’ Assembly Budget Report

An Analysis of the UK-EU Trade Agreement


Our response to the UK-EU Trade Agreement. We wished to expedite this report promptly so that it could inform and aid coverage of the key vote in the House of Commons on the trade deal.

Read the report here: No Holding Back report on the EU UK Trade Agreement 30 December 2020

Tier Restrictions Analysis


Ahead of the government’s vote tomorrow on tier restrictions, we at No Holding Back have produced a report analysing the unfairness in the way the government have based their decision.

In short, Boris Johnson is prioritising the financial centre of London ahead of the economies of northern England and the health outcomes of poorer communities and ethnic minorities who the ONS show are twice as likely to die from Coronavirus.

We argue that London’s infection rates are on the rise, especially among the over 60s and that its positivity rate is also the only region climbing in England. We also argue that the CV19 hospitalisation rates of London are still on the rise. All of this is despite the fact that London is carrying out by far a fewer number of tests. The picture is most likely worse. The decision to place parts of London in tier two when they have higher infection levels that many parts of the north is clearly erroneous.

Read the report here: Tier Restrictions Analysis, NHB Report 1 December 2020

The Challenge for Labour


Whilst some people seek to distance themselves from the membership of our Party and the trade union movement, we are clear that within these groups there is an incredible amount of knowledge born from personal experience. Not only that, we believe that to rebuild the Party – especially in the seats we lost in 2019, the so-called “red wall” areas – the unions and the membership need to be central to the Party’s renewal.

This is why we have led one of the largest listening exercises conducted within the Labour Movement in decades. We visited (virtually) over 50 groups right across the country.

We listened to the views of thousands: in CLPs; trade union branches – both affiliated and non- affiliated; Momentum groups; young Labour branches; Fabian sections; Labour activists in community groups; those with no particular political affiliation. These people have often walked miles, knocking on doors and talking to voters. Listening to their experiences and views is imperative.